Prahran Market

It is all about coffee and food with me recently… Well actually not only recently. I hope none of you is complaining. I’m getting more and more excited of what is to come in the near future (coffee related of course!). Yesterday I attended Victorian Aeropress Championship and was blown away by the brews, atmosphere and the crowd. Very interesting, fast paced evening with a bit of a surprise in the end. It seems like the winner was a bit of a dark horse. Even more exciting! I’m thinking aeropress is becoming my favorite brewing method at the moment

Photos coming soon soon soon.

In the meantime I serve you the story of me and Rhys making it to the Prahran Market and tasting some fine brews served by Market Lane Coffee while shopping for some greens.

Out of all the single origins we tasted that day number 3 was our pick ❤

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Northcote once again.

Summer is officially over… It’s been raining for the last few days. It just keeps raining. Constantly. I feel like I’m in Scotland all over again. ha! ; ) Riding a bike to work in the rain –  not my favorite kind of thing. But oh well. There is still hope for some sunshine and good days. All I know is I better go and buy a raincoat. And an umbrella. Until the sky clears I give you a bit of the sun from last week.

Do you like the neighbourhood?  I do.

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Don’t drink too much coffee and ride your bike.

Coffee does not equal coffee.

And good coffee definitely does not equal great coffee. In Melbourne there is a lot to choose from. And some of the varieties and options are just too exciting and amazing. One can become a bit …intimidated? There is just so much to know, so much to taste and so much to TALK ABOUT when it comes to Melbourne coffee.

My new love: cold coffee! Whether is cold drip, iced pour over or simply great espresso on ice. I take it! Oh, and last week I had probably the BEST coffee ever. Panama Mama Cata Geisha. Beautifully prepared aeropress. I embarked on this new adventure of tasting some of the best beans and thanks to my new friend and Talor Browne I get to experience it being just a little bit less confused. She’s been working with coffee for over 6 years now. I am pretty sure everyone who matters in the Melbourne coffee industry knows her already or at least has heard about her. What a lucky little bunny am I to know her too, right ? 😉 Thanks Talor! Already looking forward to more caffeine overdosing. After which  I keep shaking at least for another 30 min. If not a hour. It’s fun cycling back home like that.

PS. I did take part in a roasting process thanks to courtesy of Mark, the owner of Growers Espresso . There is just so much to learn. I say: Bring it on!

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What could you do on a hot sunny Sunday? Bake some cupcakes with friends of a friend, fix up a big batch of lemonade and sell it to random strangers who happen to be thirsty and peckish! Anything goes in Fitzroy.

Oh and this could also bring people’s attention to that garage sale up the street! What a plan, hey?

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Meet the parents. And the dog!

Weekend in Wodonga. What can I say? It was HOT! Apart form that? We had a barbecue. Surprise Surprise. Also we made a little trip to Beechworth, which is one of Victoria’s best preserved former gold mining towns. But it’s name isn’t as funny as some of the places in the area. Yarrawonga, Boomanoomana, Tangambalanga. Seriously! Lovin’ it!

Meet Biggles. He is a Jack Russel and he likes to attack water from the hose. He jumps on plants while Maria tries to water them and has so much energy that even after an hour of throwing him a ball he is still pretty eager and keen. Only his tongue grows longer and longer. He has worn me out. Twice.

Lovely weekend.

PS. On our way back Rhys spotted a pack of kangaroos. So I guess I am in Australia after all. No questioning it anymore!

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Happy Australia Day It Was Indeed

I did survive 30 hour journey. Although I lost my coat in China. I did survive my first ever jet lag. Although, oddly enough, I did enjoy being wide awake at 7am.

I did have my first Aussie Barbecue. Yes, I did try the kangaroo. Frankly? Nothing special. I prefer them to be alive. I’m sure they do too.

Still can’t quite believe I am here. I have got the visa. Summertime is on!

Pool rules: No peeing in the pool. No diving in the shallow end. Keep to the lap lane. No Australian flags (racist) No knives. No unexplained nudity. No swearing.

My house mates are keeping it simple.  🙂 I didn’t last very long that day. Passed out around 3pm and even super loud music and Sam’s shouting didn’t bother me. System shut down, that’s all. But I was fresh as a daisy at 6.30 in the morning and evil enough to drag Rhys out of bed. I waited an hour and a half. I am not that mean.

Day Two was all about getting things sorted. Insurance, bank, tax file number etc etc. But it was also all about chilling. And having coffee. And having sushi rolls for just $2.50. Ha! Fast Food sushi – my new addiction.

More coming soon.

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