Oh My…

So…where do I even begin…

It has been way too long. And of course I could give you all the possible excuses, but I guess the main issue was that my poor old friend Toshiba was sick. And thanks to some lousy IT people it took over a month to get her back. And the worst part is she is not even fixed… It took them ages to realize they can’t help me much and then failed to notify me for 3 weeks that the issue is not worth fixing(!). In a nutshell – R.I.P. motherboard. Why is this important to you? Well…I was without a friend for such a long long time! Be compassionate! But seriously, I couldn’t get onto my photography and couldn’t really do much with all this new stuff I kept on accumulating. However I managed to store all my old archive on an external drive, so now everyone send their prayers nothing happens to that bad boy or I will cry for a significantly long period of time. Depression, breakdown etc. etc. I will require care packages lots of hugs and attention. No one has time for all that these days so let’s just hope technology will keep us all sane and safe! ; )

Now, main thing is at the moment I am oh so well. All is good, great, fabulous. I am having a ball, blast, whatever. ; ) Ok, calm down. Life is just…you know, life. Having a job to get up to every day. And I like it. I like poeple I work with. Like poeple I work for. Like people I make coffee to. Then I am having lovely 2 days off. Spending quality time with Rhys. Chilling out. Eating out. All nice and pretty set. Hanging around with friends. Spending some silly money on lovely food and wine. Oh, yes wine is a new thing for me. I have been learning slowly what makes a good wine good and great wine exceptional. Lots of fun. Especially after a couple of glasses. My wallet is not so happy, but hey! You have to make time and effort (= money) to enjoy yourself, right?

Oh, oh… I almost forgot! Summer is here! Yesterday – 40 degrees! Today 25! hahaha! That’s Melbourne for you. Bu I am determined not to complain. It is warm everyone! (just rubbing it in a little, I know) Not to worry, soon I will be giving up all this warmth, clouds and thunderstorms oh and sunshine for frost, snow, scarfs and gloves.

Yes, yes. Christmas in Poland!

In the meantime I am enjoying the weather ; )


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