busy bea

Been pretty busy lately.

Running around doing 17 milion things at the same time, eating while brushing teeth and sleeping while taking a shower. Well, you know… almost. Work has occupied me a bit but no need to worry, it’s a good thing. I just have to remember it is here to last and I do not need to do everything at once. I do not need to inhale too much of it and suffocate in all this delicious coffee aromas. Eventhough I work 5 days a week, those two extra day vanish like a bowl of home made raspberry sorbet on a hot day. I have been doing extra hours roasting, cupping, tea tasting or weeding a veg garden. And all that means I have neglected a few tasks. Like staying on top of my washing for example. Boring I know. Or making sure there is food in the house. Thank God I live with other people, who tend to eat everyday! Ok, listen to this… This week I went 3 days without mascara just because I didn’t plan in advance to make time for shopping. Ha! I am so funny. And little pathetic actually. Well I guess I am trying to reason with you, why I haven’t been in touch much. Sorry guys.But hey, spring has come! yay. That means more hours of sunshine. And more light means more energy and more enthusiasm to do stuff. Like more roasting and cupping and weeding gardens, right? Well hopefully things will settle at work. Meaning set days off, set responsibilities and a little more organised lifestyle. Not that I am complaining. Just thinking I am getting a little tired. Today I fell asleep on the couch without realising it and woke up a little disorentated 2 hours later – ‘My God it is dark already! How long have I been out??’ – ha, classic.
Just to reasure you – I am in control guys. I am. I will be that is. As soon as I get some sleep today. Nighty Night 😉

love you all, who read my silly thoughts.

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