small changes = big changes

First of all, yes I am still alive and kicking, pretty hard in fact. I was off the radar for a while mainly due to my permanent lack of organisation (oh will I ever have this under control?!) and also partially because I was going through some work related motions and didn’t want to bring bad luck upon myself with my blah blah chatter-chit-chat. But… since everything seems to be going pretty smooth and it’s been over a week and I am enjoying my job a lot more and also I just got paid this week for the first time from my new employer I guess I am safe to say I GOT A NEW JOB. And it is amazing.

To make it clear as crystal I am still extracting, brewing and pouring tasty beverages. Not much has changes in this department, or has it? almost no difference, but oh what a difference! You might remember I posted a good while ago some words about a cafe called Ora, where my friend Aidan was rocking the aeropress method in amongst all the other sweet sweet brewing styles. Well well… now I am getting the hang of it all right here in Kew. Oh by the way what a lovely hike from Northcote! Especially at 5.30 in the morning! Ok, to separate sarcasm from excitement and a big boost of motivation I got going for me recently. I am actually enjoying cycling up the big hill everyday. Maybe not so much getting up before 5 am, but I am not complaining. Much. Yet. ; )

So I got a new job. I also got a new bike. What a joy. I also got a new haircut. Double joy! Everyday at work I get to try tasty single origin coffees. I get to learn new brewing methods. I get to brew them tasty coffees. I get to cup new coffees with my boss John (hopefully every week). I made new friends. You know what? I think spring is coming! Everything is better once you had some good coffee in you!

Thanks to Aidan for being amazing. It is out there now. Change is good.

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