Where did the month go?

What? A month have past and I almost haven’t noticed? Really?

Does that mean I am settling in? Did it happen overnight and I missed it? Ok, maybe not overnight, but I think I missed it a little bit. That moment when you loose the track of time, of being in a place, just doing your thing, getting the routine going… And all of a sudden 30 days go by and I am still thinking it is beginning of April. Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the case here. So, cheers to me being a part of it all now. What ever that is supposed to mean.

Apart from this very recent realisation, there isn’t that much going on but at the same time all of it fills my weeks pretty nicely. I got back into yoga, I’m more and more involved with coffee – even outside work, me and Rhys are off to Sydney soon and planning some end-of-the-year-travels. I enjoy randomly having coffees with friends (yes I did start to make some friends of my own – yay for me!) , having dinners at home with the boys and making our home a bit more homey (spending money is involved with this one 😉 All is really well I guess. Apart from the weather. The weather sucks. It is raining too much recently.

Oh, I went to coffee expo yesterday. Lots of photos! I had SO MANY coffees it was unbelievable! Blood and adrenaline rush was a killer! And next day I suffered some serious caffeine withdrawal symptoms. haha silly me. Updates on that topic soon soon soon.
In the meantime I have all these photos from April (!) that I never shared… Easter time, visiting Rhys’s family and seeing some Australian animals up close.  : ) Enjoy!

Ps. I finally get the difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby! haha. Above – a fellow wallaby. Below LOTS of Kangaroos. :>

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3 Responses to Where did the month go?

  1. Marcin says:

    jeśli zdjęcia miały tę różnicę wyjaśnić – to z lekka się to nie powiodło 🙂 ale dobrze ‘od Ciebie znów sułyszeć’, Luba Wallabio!

  2. Hey Beata! So lovely to meet you today at the workshop. And thank you for helping me out with all the camera settings as well. Hope to keep in touch with you and the others from the workshop. I’ve listed all of our blogs below:

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