Hey, guess what? Easter is here!

Do you now how I know? Because we got totally swamped at work today! Public Holiday how I adore you. We had customers waiting outside the cafe even before we were ready to open. And one would think people prefer to sleep in on a day off, right? As soon as we opened the door the whole madness begun. “Hi guys how are you this morning? And most of all where the hell did you all come from???” People were calling us up every 10 min or so: “Are you guys open today”. Sure we are! Come in for a brekky and a coffee! Crazy 7 hours of constant movement. My brain was stretched to the maximum of its capacity and ability to process information. My feet are boycotting me at the moment. I am shagged but happy. Two more days like that and I might be just shagged, but hey! : ) Big thanks to the team today. And to all of our lovely customers, so patient and understanding. What a day!

One little tip for myself: do not forget to rehydrate. It’s no fun to realise you haven’t had anything to drink in 5 hours on this hot and sunny morning. And how do you know you went too long without a sip of water? When you crave you customers orange juice and other cold drinks sooo much, that you even consider taking a sip or two before making it to their table ; )


Stay tuned for more. x

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2 Responses to Easter?

  1. redrain says:

    People! Y U No Sleep?! :D:D

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