Winter is coming. Time for tea?

What do I prefer: hot or cold coffees? Well well… During summer those icy beverages were a true bliss and a lifesaver. Refreshing, clean and well… mostly fruity! (yes I am still talking about coffee) Nevertheless, the winter is on its way kids and with that in I will probably have to say ‘bye for now’ to the cool-me-offs. But hey! There is no need to worry. I shall be satisfied after all! And in order to warm up the upcoming long evenings I do not have to switch tea completely either. It seems like I will be drinking more and more coffee with a distinctive bergamot aroma. (Sorry Earl Grey you won’t be alone there!).

Totally enjoyed the Ethiopia Sidamo the other day at the Ora Cafe. Thanks to Aidan I had a chance to compare cold and hot aeropress starring these beans. And as much as  loved the icy and refreshing cup, I  couldn’t help but notice how surprisingly calming yet invigorating it felt to drink the warm version of the brew. Just got me wanting more. Especially now since the sun is gone and I am feeling slightly cold when I wake up in the morning. I know I know… But hey, just because I am Polish it doesn’t mean my skin is 10 times thicker and I don’t feel the temperature drop unless it reaches minus 30. And it definitely doesn’t mean I like cold weather. Ok I said it. It’s out there people. And while we are on the whole stereotypes topic – just because I come from Poland it doesn’t mean I like vodka.  I don’t. Actually I believe most people don’t. Well at least they don’t enjoy it as much as they claim. Anyway I went to far with my train of thoughts.

Lets just stick with pictures.

Am I boring you with my topic choices?

PS. To those who would like to know what else is up with me in Melbourne, well… I am great 😀 Rhys is also great. WE are both really really great 😉


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