catch the sunshine!

Winter is seriously creeping in. Enjoying the sun while it lasts. Last week it was warm enough to go to the beach and take a dip.

Yesterday was lovely too. Warm. Sunny. Lots of cycling, food eating and coffee drinking. Went to Ora Cafe in Kew and had some delicious Ethiopian Sidamo brews prepared by Aidan. Oh, and the taste of THE pancake… almonds, gently poached strawberries and milky ice cream… Divine! Will be back.

Needed to seriously cool off the heat after cycling back home. What does one do in such situation? Jumps into our backyard pool. Bliss. Roasted lemon and thyme chicken for dinner. Probably last meal eaten in the garden. 4 bottles of red and 4 happy faces.

Perfect Day Off.

So, how’s that spring over in Europe guys?  🙂

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1 Response to catch the sunshine!

  1. rukasz says:

    wspaniała B. – powrót do studia i znowu łapy ubabrane farbą. ale koniec już prawie koniec! 🙂

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