Don’t drink too much coffee and ride your bike.

Coffee does not equal coffee.

And good coffee definitely does not equal great coffee. In Melbourne there is a lot to choose from. And some of the varieties and options are just too exciting and amazing. One can become a bit …intimidated? There is just so much to know, so much to taste and so much to TALK ABOUT when it comes to Melbourne coffee.

My new love: cold coffee! Whether is cold drip, iced pour over or simply great espresso on ice. I take it! Oh, and last week I had probably the BEST coffee ever. Panama Mama Cata Geisha. Beautifully prepared aeropress. I embarked on this new adventure of tasting some of the best beans and thanks to my new friend and Talor Browne I get to experience it being just a little bit less confused. She’s been working with coffee for over 6 years now. I am pretty sure everyone who matters in the Melbourne coffee industry knows her already or at least has heard about her. What a lucky little bunny am I to know her too, right ? 😉 Thanks Talor! Already looking forward to more caffeine overdosing. After which  I keep shaking at least for another 30 min. If not a hour. It’s fun cycling back home like that.

PS. I did take part in a roasting process thanks to courtesy of Mark, the owner of Growers Espresso . There is just so much to learn. I say: Bring it on!

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