Meet the parents. And the dog!

Weekend in Wodonga. What can I say? It was HOT! Apart form that? We had a barbecue. Surprise Surprise. Also we made a little trip to Beechworth, which is one of Victoria’s best preserved former gold mining towns. But it’s name isn’t as funny as some of the places in the area. Yarrawonga, Boomanoomana, Tangambalanga. Seriously! Lovin’ it!

Meet Biggles. He is a Jack Russel and he likes to attack water from the hose. He jumps on plants while Maria tries to water them and has so much energy that even after an hour of throwing him a ball he is still pretty eager and keen. Only his tongue grows longer and longer. He has worn me out. Twice.

Lovely weekend.

PS. On our way back Rhys spotted a pack of kangaroos. So I guess I am in Australia after all. No questioning it anymore!

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