Happy Australia Day It Was Indeed

I did survive 30 hour journey. Although I lost my coat in China. I did survive my first ever jet lag. Although, oddly enough, I did enjoy being wide awake at 7am.

I did have my first Aussie Barbecue. Yes, I did try the kangaroo. Frankly? Nothing special. I prefer them to be alive. I’m sure they do too.

Still can’t quite believe I am here. I have got the visa. Summertime is on!

Pool rules: No peeing in the pool. No diving in the shallow end. Keep to the lap lane. No Australian flags (racist) No knives. No unexplained nudity. No swearing.

My house mates are keeping it simple.  🙂 I didn’t last very long that day. Passed out around 3pm and even super loud music and Sam’s shouting didn’t bother me. System shut down, that’s all. But I was fresh as a daisy at 6.30 in the morning and evil enough to drag Rhys out of bed. I waited an hour and a half. I am not that mean.

Day Two was all about getting things sorted. Insurance, bank, tax file number etc etc. But it was also all about chilling. And having coffee. And having sushi rolls for just $2.50. Ha! Fast Food sushi – my new addiction.

More coming soon.

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