Tamare, zamknij sie, skot, shut up!

28.10 – Thursday

We were woken up brutally at 5.30 am. It was very cold, although last night it seemed to be surprisingly warm. We were simply deceived. The reality of the morning was undeniable. Half awake we ate breakfast and soon after that we were rushed onto our camels. I wished we had more time to experience the desert a bit more, especially because I didn’t have much chance to take pictures other than those from the top of my long legged  friend. To make it worse someone has jumped on my camel and since I was too uncomfortable to talk to our guide, hoping he has forgotten about last night’s conversations, I kept my mouth shut and jumped on a different one. What is the difference between a camel and a camel? I think one can measure it with soreness of a bum. This one was ridiculously uncomfortable.

As fast as we were rushed onto the camels, same way we were rushed onto our mini bus with only few minutes to ‘freshen up’ and brush out teeth. The whole day was pretty much all about boring, long an tiring drive back to Marrakesh with only few stops to spare our sore butt cheeks for a couple of minutes. “The drive was more shaky and uncomfortable than the camel ride itself” – I thought to myself, as we were getting off the bus. It was almost 8 pm. At the hotel we bumped into Cherif, who wanted to know how the trip went. We didn’t really want to complain straight away but I wasn’t necessarily very enthusiastic answering his questions in a very general manner. He realised something was wrong and insisted Rhys told him all about it. He invited us to have dinner with him. We dropped our stuff in our new room and joined Cherif downstairs. He seemed very concerned and very apologetic. Long story short we explained a couple of misunderstandings over a delicious tagine and from that point onwards considered ourselves friends. I was knackered and dropped out pretty fast. Slept “like a rock” that night.

29.10 – Friday

We got up late, changed our room for the top floor one and headed out. It was 1 pm and for some reason we no longer felt like tourists in Marrakesh. Knowing it was only an illusion we decided to have breakfast. It was pretty hot that day. On our search for Earth Cafe we went the wrong way, which turned out to be quite good actually. The prize for getting a little lost was delicious ice cream we found. 12 DH for 2 generous scoops. Tangy lemon and orange for me, fig and yoghurt for Rhys. Not long after we found what we were looking for. The vegetarian Earth Cafe is situated just of the Rue Rinn Zitoun to the right into a smaller Derb el Zouar, but it can easily be found by following very visible orange signs. WE ordered filo pastry stuffed with pumpkin, orange, vegetables and goats cheese and a spring roll with blue cheese, orange, spinach and pumpkin with soy sauce (2x70DH). We also tried freshly pressed carrot and ginger juice (20DH), which was delicious! Today was all about eating, resting, drinking coffee and slow random walks. In the evening we sat down in Cafe des Epices , situated on a little square amongst the souks alleys. Too bad they didn’t serve almond milk. We craved it really badly. Good old coffee did us well anyway. Chilling out, I was catching up with writing and Rhys was daydreaming about Edinburgh. I lost the track of time and can;t tell you how long we sat there, but it was nice not having to rush anywhere, not having to be a mad tourist today. It was getting late and all souk stalls including the cafe were closing down for the day. We headed to Mimosa Hotel and the regular bunch of guys plus a few people we haven’t met yer were already sitting downstairs, drinking tee, smoking and singing to the guitar music played by our new friend Lahcen. That guy has a truly extraordinary sense of humour that cannot be explained. You just have to trust me on this one. I was crying from laughter that night. “Meeeeeh!” We sang lots of songs, talked about Japan, sushi and traveling around the country of cherry blossoms. We drank Cherif’s sambuca until Rhys’s eyes were shutting down. At that point Cherif was already flying anyway… ” I’m flying, I’m flying to be near you, to be free…”

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