Moroccan business and the light therapy

25.10 – Monday

Started the day with a small disaster. As I was trying on my new jacket I bought the night before I realised quickly how cheaply it was made. One of the sleeves came off as I was putting it on. It ripped at the stitches. Very disappointing. Rhys suggested we should take it back. I laughed a bit at his very European approach towards trying to get a refund in Morocco, but “oh what the hell”! It was worth a try. And it did came with quite a bit of a story. All in all of course we had to argue hard, of course the guy wouldn’t give us our money and of course I had to scare him by saying we are not gonna move from here until he doesn’t get it fixed – meaning I will scare away every potential customer, telling them this guy sells crap. Eventually he took Rhys to some place where they could fix it but it would cost 50DH (half the price of the jacket itself). The guy didn’t even bother to help us out  with getting it done for free or at least cheaper. At this point I was furious, especially because the guy was unbelievably rude to us, yelling at me and saying that this is how they do business here. In the end some old man from a shop next door saw the sleeve back on doing a pretty good job. We paid him 20 DH for the trouble and walked off.

With the adrenaline still buzzing we had some breakfast in one of the tourist restaurants. It was actually pretty ordinary especially for the price we paid. It seems like it is harder to satisfy us than I thought! Later in the day we headed to the Palace el Bahia. It was pretty interesting, but the outdoor area and the gardens were much better than empty interiors.

We took a long walk all the way to the mellah and back to Jemma el Fna, taking our time and taking some pictures. The light was lovely as the sun was going down. It almost slowed down the whole buzz and madness that usually penetrates the streets of Marrakesh.

PS. We booked a trip to Merzouga desert. 3 days, 2 nights for 880 DH each. Not without haggling of course. Camels, here we come!

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