Catching up

Last week was pretty eventful. Got a job and it quickly dragged me in. Now, having two days off, I’m trying to organise all the mess I have to deal with. Sorting out all the pictures and stories from September/October, including my visit to Cornwall, trip to Berlin and 10 day stay in Poland. Apart from that I am still working on my journal form the eventful trip to Morocco. (coming very soon!)

Anyway, to be honest I can’t believe it is almost December already. In less then a week me and Rhys will be moving to a new flat here in Edinburgh. I am seriously excited, especially cause it has been a while since I have thought I would like to stop somewhere for a bit longer. Even buying books now is such a privilege. It is a funny thing, knowing that all you have with you at this particular moment is pretty much all you own. I ‘m sure though, soon it will be much more than just a red suitcase filled with summer clothes and a camera backpack full of wires and cables.

Last Friday Rhys took me to see Goldfrapp in Glasgow as a birthday present. And guess what? It was amazing. Just thought I’d show off a little bit.

Stayed tuned.


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2 Responses to Catching up

  1. maja says:

    Babe, it’s propably the best time in your life, having a suitcase and going where your heart leads you! Wish you all the best in you new flat! Both of you! :** Misju.

  2. Bea Maz says:

    Ach Ach. It is a bit like holding breath for too long. Or rather like breathing in and out deeply so fast that you get dizzy. So exciting that you can make it but still exhausting. And what’s with all those questions and plans? : ) xxxxxx

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