Winter in Edinburgh

Hi everyone! (hopefully I am saying hello to more than just my mum)

Since a couple of people requested a few updates on what has been going on recently with me and my world, plus some of you demanded more permanent contact and an insight into my life and travels, I decided to do the simplest thing in the Universe… BLOG IT.

Recently a few things have changed, including last weeks move to Edinburgh. Before I get into that, there are a couple of short and long summer/autumn stories. The biggest one is about the trip to Morocco. I did write a journal, which was my first, and so there are some pages to post. Hopefully they will entertain you as much as the trip entertained me. Right now I am trying to tackle the task of getting the pictures ready. So if you are interested how it all went, bare with me. It will be worth it.


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1 Response to Winter in Edinburgh

  1. maja says:

    Hey Baby! Will keep my eye on your story! 🙂 [będę trzymać oko na Twojej zasłonie?? ostatnio znów czytam głupie dosłowne tłumaczenia ;)] Love, maja

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