Oh My…

So…where do I even begin…

It has been way too long. And of course I could give you all the possible excuses, but I guess the main issue was that my poor old friend Toshiba was sick. And thanks to some lousy IT people it took over a month to get her back. And the worst part is she is not even fixed… It took them ages to realize they can’t help me much and then failed to notify me for 3 weeks that the issue is not worth fixing(!). In a nutshell – R.I.P. motherboard. Why is this important to you? Well…I was without a friend for such a long long time! Be compassionate! But seriously, I couldn’t get onto my photography and couldn’t really do much with all this new stuff I kept on accumulating. However I managed to store all my old archive on an external drive, so now everyone send their prayers nothing happens to that bad boy or I will cry for a significantly long period of time. Depression, breakdown etc. etc. I will require care packages lots of hugs and attention. No one has time for all that these days so let’s just hope technology will keep us all sane and safe! ; )

Now, main thing is at the moment I am oh so well. All is good, great, fabulous. I am having a ball, blast, whatever. ; ) Ok, calm down. Life is just…you know, life. Having a job to get up to every day. And I like it. I like poeple I work with. Like poeple I work for. Like people I make coffee to. Then I am having lovely 2 days off. Spending quality time with Rhys. Chilling out. Eating out. All nice and pretty set. Hanging around with friends. Spending some silly money on lovely food and wine. Oh, yes wine is a new thing for me. I have been learning slowly what makes a good wine good and great wine exceptional. Lots of fun. Especially after a couple of glasses. My wallet is not so happy, but hey! You have to make time and effort (= money) to enjoy yourself, right?

Oh, oh… I almost forgot! Summer is here! Yesterday – 40 degrees! Today 25! hahaha! That’s Melbourne for you. Bu I am determined not to complain. It is warm everyone! (just rubbing it in a little, I know) Not to worry, soon I will be giving up all this warmth, clouds and thunderstorms oh and sunshine for frost, snow, scarfs and gloves.

Yes, yes. Christmas in Poland!

In the meantime I am enjoying the weather ; )


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busy bea

Been pretty busy lately.

Running around doing 17 milion things at the same time, eating while brushing teeth and sleeping while taking a shower. Well, you know… almost. Work has occupied me a bit but no need to worry, it’s a good thing. I just have to remember it is here to last and I do not need to do everything at once. I do not need to inhale too much of it and suffocate in all this delicious coffee aromas. Eventhough I work 5 days a week, those two extra day vanish like a bowl of home made raspberry sorbet on a hot day. I have been doing extra hours roasting, cupping, tea tasting or weeding a veg garden. And all that means I have neglected a few tasks. Like staying on top of my washing for example. Boring I know. Or making sure there is food in the house. Thank God I live with other people, who tend to eat everyday! Ok, listen to this… This week I went 3 days without mascara just because I didn’t plan in advance to make time for shopping. Ha! I am so funny. And little pathetic actually. Well I guess I am trying to reason with you, why I haven’t been in touch much. Sorry guys.But hey, spring has come! yay. That means more hours of sunshine. And more light means more energy and more enthusiasm to do stuff. Like more roasting and cupping and weeding gardens, right? Well hopefully things will settle at work. Meaning set days off, set responsibilities and a little more organised lifestyle. Not that I am complaining. Just thinking I am getting a little tired. Today I fell asleep on the couch without realising it and woke up a little disorentated 2 hours later – ‘My God it is dark already! How long have I been out??’ – ha, classic.
Just to reasure you – I am in control guys. I am. I will be that is. As soon as I get some sleep today. Nighty Night 😉

love you all, who read my silly thoughts.

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small changes = big changes

First of all, yes I am still alive and kicking, pretty hard in fact. I was off the radar for a while mainly due to my permanent lack of organisation (oh will I ever have this under control?!) and also partially because I was going through some work related motions and didn’t want to bring bad luck upon myself with my blah blah chatter-chit-chat. But… since everything seems to be going pretty smooth and it’s been over a week and I am enjoying my job a lot more and also I just got paid this week for the first time from my new employer I guess I am safe to say I GOT A NEW JOB. And it is amazing.

To make it clear as crystal I am still extracting, brewing and pouring tasty beverages. Not much has changes in this department, or has it? almost no difference, but oh what a difference! You might remember I posted a good while ago some words about a cafe called Ora, where my friend Aidan was rocking the aeropress method in amongst all the other sweet sweet brewing styles. Well well… now I am getting the hang of it all right here in Kew. Oh by the way what a lovely hike from Northcote! Especially at 5.30 in the morning! Ok, to separate sarcasm from excitement and a big boost of motivation I got going for me recently. I am actually enjoying cycling up the big hill everyday. Maybe not so much getting up before 5 am, but I am not complaining. Much. Yet. ; )

So I got a new job. I also got a new bike. What a joy. I also got a new haircut. Double joy! Everyday at work I get to try tasty single origin coffees. I get to learn new brewing methods. I get to brew them tasty coffees. I get to cup new coffees with my boss John (hopefully every week). I made new friends. You know what? I think spring is coming! Everything is better once you had some good coffee in you!

Thanks to Aidan for being amazing. It is out there now. Change is good.

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Winter is upon us.

The heating is on. Most of the time now. The cold is creeping into our house through the massive windows… and the much loved and adored warmth escapes through the roof as soon as it reaches the first floor. It’s like a never ending chasing game between those two.

Recently one of the nicest part of the day is cooking in the evening. The house gets warm and full of delicious smells from the kitchen… We indulge ourselves with roasted meats and vegetables, casseroles, stews, soups and all sorts of comfort food that heats the body and the soul. Today’s treat: chilli con carne. And let me just say it should be pretty spice-y. I have this theory, that when I am angry or upset that particular dish can get really hot. And therefore ridiculously tasty.

And so, off I am to the kitchen.


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Quick News: Rhys and I have been learning Italian for few weeks now! We try to go twice a week. I recently moved a level up and on Saturdays I kick it early in the morning and parlo Italiano baby!

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Where did the month go?

What? A month have past and I almost haven’t noticed? Really?

Does that mean I am settling in? Did it happen overnight and I missed it? Ok, maybe not overnight, but I think I missed it a little bit. That moment when you loose the track of time, of being in a place, just doing your thing, getting the routine going… And all of a sudden 30 days go by and I am still thinking it is beginning of April. Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the case here. So, cheers to me being a part of it all now. What ever that is supposed to mean.

Apart from this very recent realisation, there isn’t that much going on but at the same time all of it fills my weeks pretty nicely. I got back into yoga, I’m more and more involved with coffee – even outside work, me and Rhys are off to Sydney soon and planning some end-of-the-year-travels. I enjoy randomly having coffees with friends (yes I did start to make some friends of my own – yay for me!) , having dinners at home with the boys and making our home a bit more homey (spending money is involved with this one 😉 All is really well I guess. Apart from the weather. The weather sucks. It is raining too much recently.

Oh, I went to coffee expo yesterday. Lots of photos! I had SO MANY coffees it was unbelievable! Blood and adrenaline rush was a killer! And next day I suffered some serious caffeine withdrawal symptoms. haha silly me. Updates on that topic soon soon soon.
In the meantime I have all these photos from April (!) that I never shared… Easter time, visiting Rhys’s family and seeing some Australian animals up close.  : ) Enjoy!

Ps. I finally get the difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby! haha. Above – a fellow wallaby. Below LOTS of Kangaroos. :>

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Hey, guess what? Easter is here!

Do you now how I know? Because we got totally swamped at work today! Public Holiday how I adore you. We had customers waiting outside the cafe even before we were ready to open. And one would think people prefer to sleep in on a day off, right? As soon as we opened the door the whole madness begun. “Hi guys how are you this morning? And most of all where the hell did you all come from???” People were calling us up every 10 min or so: “Are you guys open today”. Sure we are! Come in for a brekky and a coffee! Crazy 7 hours of constant movement. My brain was stretched to the maximum of its capacity and ability to process information. My feet are boycotting me at the moment. I am shagged but happy. Two more days like that and I might be just shagged, but hey! : ) Big thanks to the team today. And to all of our lovely customers, so patient and understanding. What a day!

One little tip for myself: do not forget to rehydrate. It’s no fun to realise you haven’t had anything to drink in 5 hours on this hot and sunny morning. And how do you know you went too long without a sip of water? When you crave you customers orange juice and other cold drinks sooo much, that you even consider taking a sip or two before making it to their table ; )


Stay tuned for more. x

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Neighbourhood is on the move ; )

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it’s ok to be sad

“If you are sad, ask yourself why you are sad. Then pick up the phone and call someone and tell him the answer to the question. If you don’t know anyone, call the operator and tell him. Most people don’t know that the operator has to listen, it is a law. Also, the postman is not allowed to go inside your house, but you can talk to him on public property for up to four minutes or until he wants to go, whichever comes first.” ― Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You

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oh, hi there city.

Haven’t really been spending much time in the city… Suburbs just have so much to offer. Oh Melbourne you are SO big! And interesting. I give you that one.

Hey, would you like to see more of the random street photos? Should I make an effort and get out there? Get that bike a little further? Don’t be so lazy and take more photos of other things than coffee and food? Really? You think?


I agree.

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